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With this scheme, for every vehicle you introduce us to for our ‘managed’ tachograph analysis then you can earn yourself a £5 ‘Love2Shop’ gift card / voucher, and better still, introduce two vehicles and get £10 etc – with no upper limit!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Whether you’re already a customer of the ‘managed’ TransTach tachograph analysis or not, you would still be eligible;
  2. Your introducee requires assistance with the analysis of their charts and digital information and you introduce them to us;
  3. As and when your introducee agrees to use our analysis service and they’ve informed us that you gave them our details, three months later you’ll receive a £5 gift card / voucher for every vehicle;
  4. Every year thereafter, you receive another £5 gift card for every vehicle we are analysing;
  5. And it doesn’t matter if the company or individual being introduced has 1 or 100 vehicles, for each one you’ll receive a £5 gift card, every year for as long as they analyse their charts and / or digital information with us;

Simply fill in the details at the bottom of this page or email the details to [email protected] and we’ll take it from there.

Nobody likes surprise or ‘cold’ calls so please let them know that you have passed their details to us and let them know that we will contact them shortly to discuss their requirements.

Terms and Conditions

a) One referee per vehicle only – vehicles from companies which are referred to us that are already analysis customer will not be eligible for the referral scheme;

b) Only eligible customers and their vehicles will qualify and Managing Director’s decision will be final;

c) The start date of the referral will be the date at which we first receive charts / digital downloads from the new client. Three months after this date the referrer will be sent their gift card / vouchers, and then every twelve months thereafter gift cards / vouchers will be sent so long as the Company and vehicle remain a customer of TransTach;

d) The scheme is valid from 1st January 2015, any vehicles that are being analysed by TransTach prior to this date will be not eligible for the scheme.

e) The scheme is only valid if we continue to analyse the company’s vehicles through TransTach.  If a company no longer uses our analysis service then the scheme for that vehicle (and subsequent ones), will be null and void.

f) Gift card / vouchers values will be £5 per vehicle at the point of referring.  Any vehicles added to the referred company after will also be valid within the scheme, but a new vehicle will only be able to be referred once.

g) Obviously vehicles removed will not count and any vehicles replacing an existing vehicle will not count twice;

h) This offer can be retracted at any time by Transolva or its subsidiary, TransTach.

Countdown to Coach & Lorry CPC Deadline

147 days - 9th September 2024