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This is a very specialist and unique service offered within Transolva Ltd and calls on the knowledge of its staff and especially the Owner and Managing Director who has attained both National and International (CPC’s), Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Transport Operations. More recently he has taken his National / International refresher as is now required when acting as a transport manager either internal or external. One of the Transolva Ltd. team a director is also a qualified Transport Manager.

The service allows this part of the company operating as TransTech to offer advice and assistance to both large and small company’s alike.

Compliance and system audits are part and parcel of holding an Operator Licence. This may be for the reassurance of internal systems to meet legal requirements, preparing for a DVSA investigation or to satisfy an Operator Licence undertaking.

An increasingly popular service available through TransTech, is a review of their operation which we refer to as a ‘health check’ of a company’s transport systems. We use the DVSA’s R A G (Red, Amber and Green system), for our audit reports, which points to any areas that need focus. Actually called a Transport Company Compliance Audit, it requires a visit to a company’s premises to carry-out a check of their operation, their systems, policies and procedures.  Once the report has been formally compiled, it will be sent to the company or Officer of the Traffic Commissioner, along with the recommendations and a time scale which would have been agreed at the time of the audit.

To ensure they are equipped with the latest information, regulations and rules means it is essential to have regular correspondence from DVSA and other industry professionals or regulatory bodies.  The DVSA, in particular, produce a great deal of ‘free to download and review’ information which is essential to be aware of, have available and find time to read and review.  However, to have access to the latest information it is suggested that all companies operating vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight), and thereby require an Operator’s Licence, subscribe to a number of monthly and / or weekly e-mailed newsletters, more especially from Campbell Associates, The DVSA, The H S E, Road Transport Media and the SMMT to name but a few.  Check out the Downloads tab on this website to review the links to publications and websites we recommend and the TransTalk section to be able to view our newsletters and newsfeeds; both of which are regularly reviewed and updated.

Part of this service is to offer advice and assistance to Transport Companies who, because of their operation are permitted to operate with Restricted ‘O’ Licences.  As these particular operations mean they are not required to have a regular Transport Manager but it’s essential they have a ‘responsible person’ for their ‘O’ Licence and thereby ensure they operate within the rules and regulations enforced by DVSA, and upheld by the Traffic Commissioners. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the directors or heads of the company which I am sure many of them do not realise so they’re not taken seriously.

A few of the issues that come up regularly are:

Differing names between what’s stated on Companies House and on an Operator’s Licence;

Not having service contracts in place with the companies carrying out servicing and maintenance;

Not having a wall chart or system in place to show at 6 months planned maintenance inspections; *

Not carrying out driver licence checks at least every 3 months;

Not having procedures and policies in place such as an MoT failure and  PG9 prohibition policy or VOR policy;

Not having an avoiding Bridge Strike policy in place;

Ensuring vehicles are checked out in relation to recalls: https://www.check-vehicle-recalls.service.gov.uk/recall-type/vehicle/make

Not having a planned driver CPC programme in place or records of training already carried out, etc. etc.

Our costs for a Company Compliance Audit for either or HGV or PSV start from £799.00 + VAT plus travel expenses.

*  This includes brake testing, MoT’s, Road Tax reminders and tachograph calibrations.

Sample Reports

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Countdown to Coach & Lorry CPC Deadline

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