Your Operator Licence application from:

£349.00 + VAT for a Standard National or International;

£299.00 + VAT for a Restricted;

£199.00 + VAT application for a variation.

If your licence isn’t granted, as a result of the fault in how we applied for it, we’ll refund our charges!!

Do you need to apply for an HGV (LGV) or PSV (PCV) operator’s licence or a major change to your existing licence?

Are unsure of where you need a licence; which one is right for you or where to begin? If this is the case, please call us anytime for free, friendly and expert advice

  • At Transolva Ltd. we understand that applying for an operator’s licence can seem very daunting, but our Managing Director, having been in the industry for almost 40 years, and has even operated his own vehicles in the past, has a wealth of knowledge and is always on hand to guide and help all of our customers.
  • Questions you may have and want to ask are:
    • ‘which licence do I need; Restricted, Standard National; Standard International?’
    • ‘which type of operator’s licence requires a Transport Manager (CPC Holder)?’
    • ‘what type and weight of vehicles require an operator’s licence?’
    • ‘what is needed to have in place before an application is submitted?’
    • ‘what, if anything, could prevent an operator’s licence being granted?’
    • ‘how long does an application take before it’s granted?’
  • At Transolva Ltd., we have been guiding people and businesses through the operator licence applications for over 15 years, so there are very few difficulties we haven’t come across and had to overcome. During that time, we have helped operators of various business types obtain their operator’s licences, from single vehicle to multi-vehicle road haulage companies and small to large passenger vehicle operations. Therefore, whatever type of road transport business you’re involved in from road haulage to passenger transport, we are here to help.
  • We Promise:
    • you can call us whenever you need assistance or guidance and we will free and impartial advice;
    • the price we show is the price you pay with no hidden extras or add-ons;
    • whether you require a Restricted, Standard National or Standard International Licence, the service is the same, although the price will differ;
    • we promise not to try to sell any additional services. If you want or are interested in anything else, we offer, check-out our website and make the decision for yourselves;
    • if a Licence is not granted which is as a result of how we have submitted the application and documents or contracts haven’t been completed correctly, we will refund our fee:
    • with every application we prepare and submit, we offer free telephone support to help ensure your compliance for the first 12 months after the Operator Licence is granted.
  • Our fee for compiling your application for submission to the Traffic Commission is £349.00 + VAT / £299.00 + VAT or £199.00 + VAT for a variation to a licence; this includes:
    • Preparation of the GV79 for HGV (LGV) application or PSV 421 for PSV (PCV) application;
    • Preparation of the maintenance contract (help sourcing a suitable maintenance provider if needed);
    • Preparation of the Landlord consent letter (if required);
    • Completion of the TM1 form for Standard National or International – not required for a Restricted Licence;
    • Submission of the necessary Public Notice to the correct Newspaper for HGV (LGV) applications;
    • Submission of photographs or operating centre plan for PSV (PCV) applications*;
    • Initial 12 months unlimited telephone support to aid with any compliance queries;
    • Regular and timely updates as to the progress of the application through the OTC, Leeds;
    • Preparation of the INT1 interim application; would be extra.
  • * Photographs and measurements of operating centre to be supplied. Additional cost if requirement to travel further than 20 miles if this is required to be done by a representative of Transolva Ltd.
  • Other fees
    • Application fee payable to the DVSA £257.00 (HGV / LGV) £209.00 (PSV / PCV)
    • Newspaper Public average cost £250.00 – £350.00 + VAT (HGV only)
    • Granting and 5 year renewal fee payable to the DVSA £401.00 (HGV only)
    • Interim fee payable to the DVSA £68.00 (HGV only)
    • Increase vehicles on an HGV / LGV licence (form GV81) or on-line; fee payable to the DVSA £257.00
    • Increase vehicles on a PSV / PCV licence (form PSV431) or on-line; fee payable to the DVSA £122.00
  • NB. Please remember an Operator’s Licence, whether Restricted, Standard National or Standard International is granted to you, and not yours by right. You are expected therefore, to operate your Road Haulage or Passenger Transport drivers and vehicles in accordance with the conditions and undertakings you agreed to when it was granted.
  • If you are bewildered by what you have read and need to do, please contact us via email; [email protected] or call; 01935 577007 for free expert, friendly and professional advice regarding any aspects of our Operator Licence application service.