Transport Management services

Whilst you can contact us, before contacting us for our transport management services, it is important to identify what is required. However, if you are having trouble deciding what you require, then answer the following questions as they will provide a useful guide:

  • what type of operator licence do you require (or have), Standard National, Standard International or Restricted?
  • if you have an operator’s licence, do you need to make changes and what changes do you need to make?
  • does operation require a transport manager (standard licence) or suitably qualified person (minimum for a restricted licence)?
  • do you need require a compliance or Earned Recognition audit or your policies, procedures or your systems to be updated?
  • have you recently received a visit from a DVSA (VOSA) Enforcement Officer?
  • are you experiencing issues with a maintenance or service provider?

How many hours is a Transport Manager required to work?

It all depends on the size of the fleet!

The role of Transport manager is extremely important to any passenger or road transport operation and they must be able to manage the transport operation effectively in the time they have available ensuring they comply with the hours designated as required, shown below.

The publication (updated November ’20), of the Statutory Document No.3 Transport Managers by the Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain provides a useful insight into what is expected as the starting point in terms of the hours worked by a Transport Manager.

The document suggests what Traffic Commissioners might expect as a starting point in terms of hours worked by a transport manager, details below:

Motor Vehicles Hours Worked
2 or less 2 to 4
3 to 5 4 to 8
6 to 10 8 to 12
11 to 14 12 to 20
15 to 29 20 to 30
30 and above 30 to Full Time
Above 50 Full time and additional assistance required

It should be noted that additional hours may be required for a Transport Manager to perform their duties where trailers are operated.

The above guidance should be used as a prompt to discuss what time is available (internal Transport Manager) and actually required to carry out the duties of a Transport Manager.

There are several ways our transport management services can provide useful support to your business from simply:

  • putting a new operator licence application together for you;
  • carrying out or guiding you through the correct process for any changes to your operator’s licence
  • providing a qualified external transport manager, if you are within Transolva Ltd. local area and this is acceptable to the OTC;
  • carrying out of either a compliance or Earned Recognition Audit of your policies, procedures and systems;
  • assisting with the preparation of a response following a DVSA compliance audit;
  • providing a review of your maintenance provider.
  • we would offer Guaranteed Fixed Prices to act as external Transport Manager based on what the industry charges for this service.

If you are bewildered by what you have read and need to do, please contact us via email; [email protected] or call; 01935 577007 for free expert, friendly and professional advice regarding any aspects of our Transport Management Services.