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Important information for hauliers moving goods to the EU from 1 January 2021!

To all Hauliers,

There are now 2 weeks left until the processes for moving goods in and out of the EU change.

With or without a free trade agreement we will be leaving the customs union and single market. Customs declarations will need to be made and hauliers will be expected to carry the right documents to get across the border.

I know many of you are acutely aware of the changes coming and are taking steps to be ready, but it is vital your customers, those whose goods you move, also take the right actions and give you and your drivers the right paperwork. If not, it will be your company and your staff who suffer as a result of traders’ lack of preparation.

There are a number of actions you can take today. From January 1, every haulier moving goods into the EU will need the correct driver, vehicle, cargo and customs documents.

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Author: Transolva Group
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