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DVSA Earned Recognition – Authorised Provider

I am pleased to say that we have today been informed that Transolva Ltd. and specifically Phil Bond, has been approved as an authorised Earned Recognition audit provider / auditor.

A request has been sent to Gov.UK for them to publish our details and add Transolva to the list of audit providers. This should go live within the next 14 days, but is normally done within 5 working days.

The next step is for us to contact the DVSA to receive the audit standards we will be required to use.

It will be our intention to train up and have approved other auditors within Transolva Ltd as the initial hard work has been done in becoming approved.

Once we have been added to the list of approved auditors, should you require an an Earned Recognition audit, please contact us on 01935 577007 or [email protected].

Author: Transolva Group
Categories: News

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