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From 1 January 2021 – Blind spot stickers mandatory in France

We were unaware of this but from 1 January, buses, lorries / trucks and trailers if towed, above 3.5 tonnes will be required to carry blind spot stickers in France. Although the IRU has protested against this unilaterally proclaimed measure, it would have been good to be prepared.

The IRU called upon the European Union to intervene against the French measure, but given the time this was announced, with Brexit and the then Christmas / New Year break, little change could have been expected. We can only assume that the French measure has therefore taken off as of 1 January as planned. Here are the rules as announced by France:

Coaches and Lorries / Trucks

The mandatory stickers on buses, lorries / trucks must be affixed to the right-hand back between 0.9 and 1.5 m from the road surface. Furthermore, stickers must be affixed to the same height on both sides of the cab. The sticker must not be affixed more than one metre from the front.

Trailers (pulled material)

Stickers on the back of drawbar and semi-trailers must be affixed to the rear, just like the otehr vehicles. In addition, they should be stuck on both sides on the first meter from the front. Here too, as everywhere, the height must be between 0.9 and 1.5 m. For semi-trailers, the position of the sticker must be within the first metre from behind the kingpin.


As far as we know, the obligation applies only in urban areas, but it is unclear whether, for example, the peripheral paris is included. Furthermore, there are exceptions for vehicles where it is technically impossible to comply with the regulations. The height may vary up to 210 cm above the road surface. For container chassis, car transporters, tankers, flat trailers and, for example, vehicles with a marketing system where it is impossible to affix the rear marking, the rear marking may be affixed to another position.

Below is a Belgian / French video which, whilst being in French is quite explanatory:

Author: Transolva Group
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